How to get GCMS Notes Faster : Get GCMS Notes

how to get gcms notes faster
how to get gcms notes faster

In case you are attempting to go through the immigration process of Canada, you will naturally reflect about How to get GCMS Notes faster. The notes contain crucial information about the applicant. These would typically include the application filed by the immigrant, correspondence between the individual and the authorities, evaluations of their eligibility, and the decisions arrived at by the Canadian authorities. In the previous articles, we have discussed how to order GCMS Notes.

The standard time which is granted as per legislation for releasing the GCMS Notes is typically one month. However, the GCMS Notes processing time can extend beyond the said one month. This can cause quite a few hassles for the individual attempting to immigrate into Canada. They have to make quite a few plans which are contingent upon the time within which they get their GCMS Notes. 

Consequently, in this article, we shall discuss How to get GCMS Notes faster, and some of the strategies you can use for t

The official position on delays 

GCMS Notes are generally prepared manually by an executive, and it may be sent either electronically as a Pdf document, or posted to the concerned person by mail. As per legislation, the GCMS Notes processing time is 30 days. 

Although, government institutions are not under any obligation to notify the person in the case of any delays. Technically, the inquiries that you make with the IRCC may not have any impact on the process. Thus, it does not make sense to send multiple enquiries to the IRCC, as it will not speed up the processing of the request. 

The legal option is to place a complaint with the Office of the Information Commissioner of Canada. Although, more often than not, this might tend to be ineffectual. 

Why does it take so long to get the GCMS Notes? 

For the candidate wondering How to get GCMS Notes faster, the delays can cause several upsets in their laid out plans. The IRCC may delay the processing of certain files, due to the volume of requests that they receive. As per general observation, the delay happens due to unprecedented demand in the immigration forms. 

An unexplained delay in the processing of the file mainly happens because of two reasons: 

Steps if you are wondering How to Get GCMS Notes Faster

Now that we have discussed some of the reasons for delays, as well as the official position of the authorities on them, let us proceed further to the main topic. We shall look at How to get GCMS Notes faster, through the use of more diligence, and careful strategies:

Enter correct information 

For the candidate wondering How to get GCMS Notes faster – while they are entering the information, they should keep the form free of any silly mistakes, or typographical errors. The information that is provided in the ATIP request form should also be complete and correct. In case of any errors or omissions in the form, there will be unnecessary delays which could have been avoided. If the applicant becomes a victim of immigration fraud, then the file might be terminated.

The application number, client ID, as well as other relevant identifiers should be clearly mentioned in the application, so that the authorities can quickly locate the file in the event of a follow-up. Moreover, the email address, and the phone number should be legibly entered. This is so that the immigration authorities can promptly contact the person in case they have any questions or need to clarify something. 

All the relevant information should be mentioned at the first go itself. Nothing should be left undisclosed for later verification, necessitating additional scrutiny.

File the application online

Although applications on paper are accepted, it is sensible to make the applications for GCMS Notes online. This is because the online applications will be processed faster. To order GCMS Notes Canada online, you need to go to the IRCC website. You may then create your account online. Alternatively, you can login if you already have an existing account. If you submit the application online, it shall accelerate the initial process, and also help the authorities to make the GCMS Notes available faster. In case you are concerned about delays in the processing of the file, you can try requesting the file from both the IRCC as well as the CBSA. 

Mention the Urgency

In the ATIP request, the applicant may try and specify the need of urgency in the processing of GCMS Notes. The applicant should explain why the Notes are required sooner, and try and mention valid reasons. Some of the reasons for this can include upcoming interviews or exams, or pending decisions depending upon the immigration status.

Follow Up

For the person wondering How to get GCMS Notes faster, it makes sense that the applicant keep following up regularly. Frequently, delays are caused due to the authorities requiring additional details regarding information, or other clarifications. These can be prevented by keeping track of the request, checking the email folders regularly for any communication from the authorities, and swift response to any requests from the former. 

Consulting a Representative

The immigration process is quite tedious, and the applicant might require professional help. The best bet of the applicant could be to rely upon an experienced professional who has expertise in handling similar cases before. While this would require some GCMS Notes Canada fees, the applicant should see this as a useful investment. 

In the course of their professional careers, immigration consultants as well as lawyers often develop relationships with immigration authorities. It would be wise to leverage these networks if possible. While this route would naturally require some additional costs to be paid, it could end up saving a lot of time for the applicant. 

Reach out to the local Member of Parliament

There might be delays even when the applicant has duly followed all the processes. Moreover, the immigration consultants might also not be able to guide them towards faster processing of the GCMS Notes. For the candidate reflecting about How to get GCMS Notes faster, there may be one final option.

In that case, they may consider reaching out to the local Member of Parliament. Members of Parliament are a part of the legislature, and naturally they will have connections with the government. Consequently, they can sometimes be useful in helping to escalate the request. 

The applicant should provide the MP with all the details regarding the ATIP request, as well as inform them about the urgency of the situation. The applicant should grab hold of a GCMS Notes sample sheet, and mention to the MP the specific details they have filled. The MP might also counsel the applicant regarding any alternative approaches that he or she might be aware of. 

While all these strategies can help to speed up the processing of the GCMS in their own individual ways, the applicant needs to remember that there are numerous requests for GCMS Notes IRCC receives. Due to the high volume of applications, the IRCC might sometimes go beyond the legislated 30 day period, and seek extensions. 


The best approach on How to get GCMS Notes faster is to ensure that there are no unnecessary delays. The applicant should do their best to ensure that the processing happens as fast as possible. This is because the usual time for getting the GCMS Notes is usually extended up to, and even beyond, the limited 30 days.

Thus, having patience is key for the applicant. In this article, we have discussed some of the main strategies for How to get GCMS Notes faster,  and we hope it will be useful for you. Protection Status