Expediting Your Citizenship: GCMS Notes Processing Time

GCMS Notes Processing Time
GCMS Notes Processing Time

What are GCMS Notes? 

The GCMS Notes Processing Time can be an anxious waiting period for several applicants, where they need to make arrangements based upon uncertainties. What explains this GCMS Notes Processing Time

The Global Case Management System is the integrated and worldwide system that is used internally by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. It is used for processing applications made for Canadian citizenship as well as immigration services. 

In an earlier blog, we have discussed various details related to How to order GCMS Notes. We have mentioned what is contained on the Notes, the method of ordering them, as well as the difference between Notes issued by the IRCC and the CBSA. In this blog, we shall look at the GCMS Notes Processing Time in Canada, and various aspects related to it. 

What is the process inside the IRCC? 

As per legislation, the time which is allowed for the request to be duly processed is a total of 30 days. This GCMS Notes Processing Time falls under the purview of the Access to Information Act. What are the actual steps that are taken regarding the GCMS notes IRCC for the process to be completed, along with all the requisite formalities? Let us have a look at the process below: 

(In case it is a sensitive ATIP Request), an ATIP Release Notification is released. It is forwarded to all the ADMOs, program areas involved and the concerned communication branch.) 

Why does the GCMS Notes Processing time get extended? 

There are limitations to the processing capacity of the IRCC. As per available statistics, hundreds of applications are received each week. With the resources at the IRCC being limited, and the demand to order GCMS Notes Canada increasing, it may not always be possible to meet the deadlines. There are some mitigation measures which are being put in place. Although, it will take time to completely implement them.

If I order GCMS Notes, will it slow down the processing of the file?

Placing an order for GCMS is your right. It is not supposed to have any effect on the file. The officer who is working on the file is responsible for reviewing it before it is proceeded further, and will thus review it. He will update the documents that have been collected from other agencies and move it forward.

What can be the reason for delays in the GCMS Notes Processing Time?

Officially, under the Canadian Privacy Act, the IRCC is supposed to send the response for a GCMS Note within a period of 30 days. However, adjustments need to be made regarding the workload of the different offices, and the number of pending requests from before. With these considerations, the average processing time can come to about 45 days.

Some of the reasons for the extension of GCMS Notes Processing Time include the following:

Extensions of time might also be sought if consultations are required with different officials. There are certain provisions in place for this. Under sub-section 9(2) of the Act, the head of the institution is required to notify the Information Commissioner.

What can I do about delays in GCMS Notes processing time? 

You can always seek the services of a lawyer in the event of the file processing exceeding the average processing time. You need to ensure that you have all your GCMS Notes so that the lawyer can inspect the status of the files as per procedure. 

Best Time for Ordering GCMS Notes for Processing 

Various opinions can be given on the best time to order GCMS Notes. However, the best answer is that it should be ordered after the R10 Stage. 

R10 is a reference to the tenth regulation of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. The R10 entails a strict review. It is ensured that it is the responsibility of the applicant to make sure that the application is complete. Once the application has gone beyond the R10 stage, then it is appropriate to order GCMS Notes. 

Can the applicant do something to accelerate the processing of the GCMS Notes?

The short answer is no. The processing time for all the requests is the same, and it cannot be expedited. Of course, there are multiple services and associations within Canada which strive to co-ordinate with the applicant so that the process is completed within the allotted number of days. The applicant may seek their services for a chargeable GCMS Notes Canada fee.


Waiting for the receipt of your immigration documents, as part of the GCMS Notes Processing Time, can indeed be an anxious process. Once the application papers are filed, the individual has to plan for various other things. This includes staying within or resigning from a job, planning for other people who are dependent on them and making other arrangements. 

Thus, the GCMS Notes Processing Time is a crucial window. It is essential that the applicant plan in advance for the 1 month that they have to spend waiting. Moreover, they should take all the steps necessary in order to ensure that the process is not delayed.

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