How to get GCMS Notes from Canada

how to get gcms notes from canada
how to get gcms notes from canada

The person facing immigration delays would be naturally curious about How to get GCMS Notes from Canada. Several prospective migrants have been facing delays in their migration applications. This is due to a variety of reasons, such as problems in technology, lack of staffing, as well as the fallout of the pandemic. 

Individuals can seek to live in Canada in the capacity of a student, a worker, or a permanent resident. During this time, an application needs to be submitted to the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada, also known as the IRCC. The GCMS Notes IRCC would then provide the regular processing time for applications. In this article, we try to discuss the process of How to get GCMS Notes from Canada. Of course, you can also refer to our previous articles, where we have discussed GCMS Notes Cost, and how to get GCMS Notes faster.

Eligibility on How to get GCMS Notes from Canada

Before knowing How to get GCMS Notes from Canada, the applicant must know about their eligibility. In order to be eligible to order GCMS Notes from IRCC, the applicant must either be a Canadian citizen, a permanent resident of Canada, or an individual or a corporate entity that is present in Canada.

In case the above requirements are not satisfied, the candidate is still eligible to get their GCMS Notes. They would have to consult a private representative. Naturally, the representative should be properly knowledgeable about the Canadian immigration system, and preferably have the necessary contacts. 

Why you would require GCMS Notes

While the final goal is the receipt of the immigration papers, there might be some delays in the overall process. Consequently, the applicant may exercise their legal right, and for this they need to know How to get GCMS Notes from Canada. There are several reasons why a person might consider applying for their GCMS Notes:

Clarity on the application status: 

There might have been a lack of communication on the part of the Canadian government with the applicant. As a result, the GCMS Notes would provide some transparency regarding the progress of the application. This would of course alleviate any anxiety that the applicant might be having.

Rectification of mistakes: 

It might strike the mind of the applicant that they have made some errors in the submission of the application. In case this is after the papers have been filed, the GCMS Notes might serve as a reference point. These can be used to highlight these issues and rectify the errors.


Naturally all the applications for immigration are not going to be accepted. There will be some rejections. The GCMS Notes can provide some insight into why the application was rejected. 

Some other considerations

In order to request GCMS Notes, the applicant must obtain consent from the individual whose information is being requested. In case they are requesting the notes for their own application, no further action is required. Although, if the GCMS Notes are being sought on someone else’s behalf, the applicant must have their explicit consent in writing. 

Next, we shall proceed to some of the more technical aspects of How to get GCMS Notes from Canada.

Processing the ATIP Request

The Access to Information and Privacy request is the formal process for obtaining GCMS Notes. The request can be made for GCMS Notes online through the official Get GCMS Notes website or by submitting a paper application.

What is ATIP?

The applicant cannot understand How to get GCMS Notes from Canada, without knowing about what is ATIP. As per the legal provisions in Canada, the applicant allowed to access the records at large, as well as the personal information that is held by the Government of Canada. Collectively, these laws are known as the Access to Information Act and the Privacy Act (ATIP). It is of great interest to note that over 50% of all ATIP requests are those submitted to the IRCC for GCMS Notes.

Online ATIP Request Process: 

The applicant may navigate to the official ATIP Online request portal that is maintained by the Government of Canada. They need to provide accurate and detailed information about the individual in whose name the GCMS Notes are being requested. 

The ATIP request form may be downloaded from the official GCMS Notes website. The form needs to be filled out with accurate and complete information.

Once the ATIP request has been received, the government authorities will process the request. This might take a couple of weeks, depending upon the volume of requests, as well as the complexity of the case.

How do you ask for GCMS Notes ?

The applicant needs to visit the ATIP Online Request Page. From here they need to select the department as ‘Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada. 

After this, they need to select the relevant category that is applicable to them, regarding their current status of citizenship. After the rest of the form has been filled, the applicant may proceed to the Unique Client Identifier. They will be given a File Number that is unique to their particular application. 

What is the correct time to apply for GCMS Notes from Canada?

While the candidate should know How to get GCMS Notes from Canada, they also need to know the best time to apply. This depends upon the type of application , as well as the stage of application in which it has been placed by the government of Canada. There is no bar on the number of times that the GCMS Notes may be ordered.

The applicant should certainly exercise their right to order GCMS Notes in case the process is taking much longer than usual. It would help them to figure out why the delay is being caused. 

In the case of Canadian permanent residence applications, GCMS Notes may be ordered as soon as the R10 stage has been completed. This is basically in fulfilment of the 10th Regulation of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. In other words, during this stage the IRCC checks that all the documentation and identification as provided by the applicant is in order. 

The above stage usually arrives 1 month after an application has been filed with IRCC. Consequently, the most suitable time in Canada to order GCMS Notes for the applications to permanent residence would be 2 to 3 months after making of the application. 

What is the time period in Canada that the notes will take to arrive?

As per the provisions of the Canadian Access to Information and Privacy Act, it is the obligation of the IRCC to respond to a request for the GCMS Notes within a period of 30 days. Although on average, with GCMS Notes processing time, and the workload present on the various offices, the response time might be officially stretched to a period of 40 days. 

Appropriate Interpretation of the GCMS Notes

While it is necessary to know How to get GCMS Notes from Canada, the applicant should also know how to read the text. The ATIP requests for GCMS Notes can stretch to over hundreds of pages. The electronic notes that have been recorded by the concerned officer would have been recorded on the last few pages of the file.

In case the applicant has some confusion in understanding the GCMS Notes, they may consult some intermediary immigration service. This will help them have a clear understanding of the content of the GCMS Notes. In case the applicant is not sure about how to interpret the Notes, they may take a GCMS Notes sample and consult immigration professionals who have a lot of experience in the field. 


We hope we have been successful in explaining to you How to get GCMS Notes from Canada. Obtaining GCMS notes from Canada is crucial in getting transparency, as well as staying in the loop about the immigration process.

You need to follow the steps mentioned in this guide, in order to get the information that you need. Once provided with the GCMS Notes, you will be in a better position to make decisions about your immigration into Canada. In this article, we have discussed all the aspects about How to get GCMS Notes from Canada. Protection Status