How to Get GCMS Notes: Fast forwarding your immigration into Canada

Get GCMS Notes
Get GCMS Notes

The process to Get GCMS Notes is not complicated, although the applicant needs to have proper knowledge of all the steps involved. The Global Case Management System is an electronic system that is deployed by the Government of Canada, to manage visa and immigration applications. 

Immigration to any country is certainly one of the biggest decisions that a person takes in their lifetime. As a result, they need to be well informed about all the procedures, the GCMS Notes cost and everything that is at stake. The immigration application process is regulated by the Canadian government. The Notes represent a function through which the person can understand the systems of the government. In previous articles, we have discussed how to order GCMS Notes,and also how to Get GCMS Notes faster. 

In this article, we shall discuss how to get GCMS Notes, and how to understand them, once you have received them.

What are GCMS Notes?

The Notes themselves are the detailed application as filed by the prospective immigrant. They would include all the documents that have been exchanged with the IRCC. Additionally, it would also have the documents that the applicant has received by way of official communication. This will be along with detailed notes from the officer who is responsible for discharging the case, as well as other information such as the placeholder code.

The objective of applying for the GCMS Notes is that the applicant gains a better insight into why their application has not been processed. By understanding why the visa has not been processed, or the reason for its delays, the applicant can design a more strategic application the next time round. 

There are different types of people who would wish to Get GCMS Notes. This category would include the applicants whose submission has been refused, before they have filed for a case review, or a judicial review. It would also include the applicants whose files have exceeded the regular processing time, and there does not seem to be any communication from the authorities. Finally, it would also consist of people who need to retrieve copies of documents previously submitted to the Canadian immigration authorities.

What do you need in order to Get GCMS Notes?

The fee required, or the GCMS Notes Cost for filing an ATIP. For the application to be processed, you need the application number above all. The number is created, once the visa application is filed with the IRCC. One person may have more than one application number, depending on the number of applications that have been filed. The Unique Client Identifier is a n 8 or 10 digit number that is given to the applicant once they file an application with the GCMS Notes IRCC.

In addition to this, you need to have information about the specific immigration application on which you wish to request GCMS Notes. This would include the type of application, and other relevant numbers in the file. Of course, a legitimate email address is also required to receive updates and communications from the IRCC.

Understanding how the bureaucracy works

There is a rigorous process that must be followed by the Canadian authorities for the issue of the Global Case Management System documents. The Canadian immigration officer needs to apply the required standards of proof. 

The application categories consist of requirements that need to be satisfied before the officer can arrive at a decision. The officers are required to evaluate the evidentiary documents before them, and systematically look at any inconsistencies that may exist in the applications. 

When should you try to Get GCMS Notes?

Once the application for permanent residency is filed with the IRCC, they go through an R10 check to ensure that all the documentation is appropriate. The R10 check is usually done within a month of when the application was made. 

Thus, it makes sense to apply for the Global Case Management System notes about a month or two after the initial application. You can try and order the documents via mail or through GCMS Notes Online.

The Global Case Management System documents can also be ordered when the application has been duly processed, and a decision has been reached by the IRCC. There should be no confusion that ordering of the GCMS Notes may cause further delay in the processing of the files. To order GCMS notes is the right of the applicant, as provided by the legislation of the Canadian government.

How long does it take to Get GCMS Notes?

This is covered under the official legislation of the Canadian Access to Information and Privacy Act. As per the legislation, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is duty bound to respond to a request for Global Case Management System notes within a period of 30 days. 

Of course, the average processing time that is taken is more than that, and it is closer to 40 days. The IRCC may also seek an extension of time, if it is not able to complete the process within the designated time. This is because of the sheer number of applications that the department has to process, along with the number of pending requests.

In case the user has some concerns whether they will Get GCMS Notes, they have full right to demand a report from IRCC or CBSA, regarding the status of the request. The report will duly display when the report was officially filed, who was the ATIP officer assigned to the file, and what were the measures undertaken for the release of the file.

Analyzing the Notes

Once you Get GCMS Notes, you need to read through the Global Case Management System document carefully. From your reading, you need to interpret the main reason behind the rejection of the processing of the file. If you believe that you have objectively understood the reasons, it may be time to file for a new application. If you are unsure about how to understand the document, it might be advisable to go through a GCMS Notes sample.

The Global Case Management System document may contain a diplomatic indication to where you need to rectify your situation. For instance, you may try to get recruited by a prestigious Canadian firm. This would demonstrate your ability to support yourself financially in Canada, and also prove your intent for long term residence. 

The assumption is that you have left no stone unturned in filing all the papers for your application to Canada, when you order GCMS Notes Canada. In case there is incomplete paperwork that does not satisfy the checklist provided by the IRCC, the application is likely to be rejected. In case it seems apparent that proof of financial resources was the issue, then you may try to include more substantial proof about your financial resources, such as income statements, bank deposits, and pay stubs.  


In this article, we have discussed how you can Get GCMS Notes from the Canadian authorities. We have also tried to understand some of the factors that determine whether your file will get processed or not, and how you should interpret the documents, once you eventually Get GCMS Notes. Protection Status